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EEG Info and Sue & Siegfried Othmer

EEG Info is the trademark for an all-round provider in the range of neurofeedback. EEG Info offers neurofeedback therapists necessary equipment and supplies for their daily business, offers technical support and application oriented courses. We want your systems to work! EEG Info has subsidiaries in the USA and Europe. The U.S. headquarters is in Woodland Hills, where Susan und Siegfried Othmer operate their clinic and research facility (EEG Institute). The European headquarters is located in Switzerland.


In the mid-eighties, Siegfried und Susan Othmer founded the company EEG Spectrum after they had seen that neurofeedback was capable of helping their son, afflicted with ADHD and epilepsy, where other therapies had failed. Within the next 17 years, under the direction of Dr. Siegfried Othmer, a physicist with a background in aerospace technology, EEG Spectrum became the the most successful provider in the range of neurofeedback. Sue Othmer, a brain physiologist, has developed her bipolar training protocols that are well-known for their excellent efficacy. Siegfried’s models of the global efficacy of neurofeedback, together with Sue’s structured and well documented approach have contributed greatly to the development of this fascinating technology. In 2002 the Othmers separated from EEG Spectrum; Kurt Othmer founded the sales and distribution facility EEG Info in 2003, with the aim of supporting therapists in alll aspects of neurofeedback, even after they had purchased neurofeedback equipment. Since 2005 neurofeedback systems are being developed again in close cooperation with Siegfried und Sue Othmer – now in Switzerland and Germany by companies specialized it high technology and medical devices, exclusively for EEG Info. In 2006 the European EEG Info with headquarters in Switzerland was founded. Since 2008 all countries of the European Union are served by a subsidiary in Germany, whereas the Swiss company serves all non-EU countries of Europe and EMEA countries. 2012, we started with adding partners in countries beyond our language- and cultural barriers in order to serve people there in their local language and compliant with local regulations. Also 2012, we started to split off the medical devices part of the group. This already happened in the U.S. with regard to structure and personnel. The new entity acts under the name “BEE Medic”.

Our Goals

Our goal is to support therapists in an optimal way Technical It is very important to us that our systems are easy to use. You should focus on your clients, not on the technology. Even though the technology is highly sophisticated, it is hidden behind a simple user interface. Of course all systems are approved as medical devices. Therapeutical Of course all systems that we offer are not only suitable for the “Othmer-method”. But, we do have a certain affinity to this method. This method is not only highly effective, it is also precisely documented based on twenty years of empirical experience. At least once a month we offer a course in USA or Europe. Furthermore, we offer a number of online courses and a variety of material for further education and self-study. We provide discussion forums that often help with difficult cases.