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Since 2005, BEE Medic GmbH has been developing high-end systems for non-invasive Neurotherapy and diagnostics.
We focus on the development, manufacture, and marketing of neurofeedback systems with product groups for the ambulatory and clinical sectors as well as systems for EEG/ERP diagnostics. Our products aim to improve the self-regulating ability of the brain and are used in the treatment of neurological mental diseases.
We are specialists in EEG-based neurotechnology and signal processing. A passionate team of interdisciplinary experts consisting of engineers, neurobiologists, software developers, and therapists works on improving our systems on the basis of user-oriented research and current technological standards.
Our customer’s demands and needs and the well-being of our patients have the highest priority. Our product design and our own hardware and software development aims to achieve maximum efficiency and usability.
The BEE Medic GmbH offers innovative solutions for neurofeedback and EEG-/ERP-diagnostics with maximum precision, which meet various requirements and at the same time convince by user-friendliness.
Headquartered in Switzerland (EMEA) and with sister companies in Germany (EU) and the USA, BEE Medic GmbH operates worldwide. As an accredited training provider, BEE Medic GmbH offers neurofeedback training courses for medical professionals throughout Europe under the brand EEG Info.