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ILF neurofeedback BEELAB Neurofeedback SOFTWARE


BEELab is a powerful neurofeedback software that meets the highest requirements. From classical frequency band and SCP training to ILF neurofeedback and the development of your own protocols. With freely selectable Reward and Inhibit frequency bands for 1 to 31 EEG channels, all possibilities of neurofeedback are open to you. BEELab is the ideal EEG neurofeedback software for clinical research and ambitious users.

Product features:
  • powerful EEG recording and analysis software
  • suitable for neurofeedback with 1, 2, 19 and 31 channels
  • consisting of the so-called “Generic Lab” and “Tomographic Module” for neurofeedback at the highest level and with full flexibility
  • “Generic Lab” for all neurofeedback treatment protocols, including modules for ILF neurofeedback, frequency band, and SCP training as well as for the development of individual neurofeedback treatment protocols
  • Alpha theta module for alpha-theta neurofeedback, a special variant of neurofeedback for deep relaxation
  • “Tomographic Module” for multi-channel neurofeedback with 19- or 31-channel EEG derivation by the signal selection of an EEG cap or a virtual EEG (definition via Broadman Areas), in order to report back the activity also from deep brain regions in three-dimensional resolution
  • EEG derivatives up to 31 channels for source estimation and sLoreta
  • precise data acquisition and storage of the raw EEG
  • various EEG Band Trend and Ratio Displays
  • display and recording of biosignals, such as heart rate, GSR and temperature
  • impedance measurement (2 channel, 19- or 31-channel)
  • 3D Spectral Display
  • session replay or simulation
  • automatic artifact suppression, to avoid false measurements caused by blinking eyes
  • numerous feedback animations for each age group with up to 18 feedback parameters
  • simple user administration and creation of multiple users possible
Delivery includes:
  • USB Stick with BEELab® Neurofeedback software
The BEELab Neurofeedback Software is a medical device approved in the European Union and the USA.
Technical information and services:
  • The BEELab Neurofeedback Software is part of the NeuroLab Sets
  • The BEELab Neurofeedback Software can be optionally purchased with any other set
  • Please note: to use the “Tomographic” module you need the hardware x23 or x39 QEEG device in addition to the NeuroAmp II5s EEG amplifier
  • For the acquisition/extension of biofeedback applications, the biofeedback combi sensor is additionally required
  • We support you on request individually with the installation and configuration of the software for your purposes and provide you with pleasure an individual offer