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Research has shown that by applying feedback on very low frequencies of brain signals, it is possible to affect a wider range of disorders such as panic, bipolar, depression, anxiety disorders, etc. The NeuroAmp II device is the only known device that can support neurofeedback with the ILF protocol.

What is ILF neurofeedback?

ILF neurofeedback is a unique neurotherapy method that is currently recognized as the most effective & cutting edge neurofeedback in the world. ILF is abbreviated as Infra-Low frequency which means very low frequency (below 0.1 Hz). In fact, ILF is a symptom-based method that implements the following three protocols simultaneously and optimally:

Why Infra-Low frequency?

Research and extensive clinical observations prove that applying feedback based on very low frequency signals causes a change in the level of arousal in the brain and accelerates the process of training with neurofeedback and significantly increases the recovery rate and can also cover a wider range of disorders.

Products and packages

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NeuroAmp II device

The computing core of the ILF protocol, as a great scientific achievement, is only available to the American EEG Info international organization and the Swiss BEE Medic company. The NeuroAmp II device, manufactured by this company, is the only device capable of performing neurofeedback with the ILF protocol. BEEMedic company offers different packages, which you can see below.


As the exclusive representative of Germany’s BEEMedic company, Basamed Tajhiz Noavar is the only importer of the ILF neurofeedback devices in Iran, which is considered the most effective & cutting edge neurofeedback in the world. Click on the link below to download the product catalog.

Workshop ILF

This workshop is to prepare people to work with the device. All issues are explained from the ground up. Click for more information and registration.


Neurofeedback as an adjunctive therapy along with other treatments non-invasively helps to improve all kinds of disorders. Improvement means reducing the symptoms of a disorder or reducing their bothersomeness, which is done by the ILF device during twenty twenty-minute sessions. ILF is a method based on symptoms, in fact, the protocol of each patient is defined specifically for that person, as a result, it has a more optimal and effective treatment than other similar treatments. These disorders include the following;