Use and commissioning:
  • The grounding plug connects the shielding of a USB cable with low impedance to the earth contact of an SCHUKO socket Type F. The grounding plug Type F only works on a correctly installed SCHUKO socket of Type F
  • The earthing plug (functional earth) is used to provide potential equalisation (e.g. for measuring electronics)
  • This product is not a protective earth and must not be used as such
  • This product is not an ESD grounding plug and must not be used as such
  • Have the grounding plug (functional earth) installed by a qualified electrician
  • Please contact the manufacturer if you have questions or suggestions
The grounding plug is a universally applicable system that can be used to greatly reduce the 50 Hz coupling of the power supply system to a non-grounded system (e.g. notebook). Using the USB cable provided, the adapter for the power outlet and the notebook are connected via the USB port, whereby only the shield is connected. The pluggable adapter makes the system flexible and mobile. This set is suitable for all applications that are sensitive to alternating fields. These can be medical applications, but also all applications sensitive to “electrosmog”.
Technische Angaben:
  • Grounding of notebooks via the USB port
  • Simple plugging enables universal use
  • Flat, attractive and unobtrusive design
  • CE approved, manufactured in Germany:
  • ۲۰۰۱/۹۵/EG Richtlinie über die allgemeine Produktsicherheit
  • ۲۰۱۱/۶۵/EU (RoHS)
  • ۱۹۰۷/۲۰۰۶ (EG) (REACH)
  • Length = 50 mm; width = 39 mm; height = 41 mm
  • Outer conductor and neutral conductor are not connected
  • Permissible operating temperature: 40 °C
  • Contact resistance: < 10 Ohm
Included in delivery:
  • Grounding plug Type F
  • USB connection cable (3m)
  • Operating instructions