• Adult EEG cap with 22 electrodes including A1-, A2-, Oz-, FPz-electrodes
  • All electrodes made of sintered Ag/AgCl for low impedance and low noise EEG measurements
  • 25-pin-connector for easy connection to a x23 or x39 device
  • Secure attachment of the cap via chin strap or (for sensitive patients or long time EEG recordings) via chest strap
Technical Specifications:
  • EEG cap with 22 sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes (incl. A1, A2, Oz & FPz)
  • 25 pin connector to attach the Comby Cap to a x23 or x39 amplifier
  • Suitable for head cirmuferences 57-62 cm
Included in delivery:
  • Green EEG Comby cap / 25 pin connector
  • User manual